MLOps World; Machine Learning in Production 2021

Join us for a virtual event dedicated exclusively to ML in Production. 



A virtual event dedicated exclusively to ML in Production. 

4 days – Join when you can – all recordings provided. *PLEASE NOTE: Workshop spots are limited and some will be full. Recordings will be provided for all ticket-purchasers*

(see updated workshops/sessions with abstracts here)

Each ticket includes;  

Access 50+ hours of live-streamed content (incl. recordings)

Workshops to help build and deploy (Sagemaker, MLFlow, Kubeflow etc.)

Network and connect through our event app 

Q+A with speakers

Channels to share your work with community

Run your chat groups and virtual gatherings!


Too few companies have effective AI leaders and an effective AI strategy. 

Taken from the real-life experiences of our community, the Steering Committee has selected the top applications, achievements and knowledge-areas to highlight across 4 days.

Virtual format:

Case Studies

Executive Track – Business Alignment

Advanced Technical Research


Virtual networking tools allow you to *see all attendees* and message them directly

Interact with speakers, live. Asking questions during the talks. 

We believe these events should be as accessible as possible and set our ticket passes accordingly 

MLOps World is an international community group of practitioners trying to better understand the science of deploying ML models into live production environments.

Created initially by the Toronto Machine Learning Society (TMLS) this initiative is intended to unite and support the wider AI Ecosystem, companies, practitioners, and academics and contributors to open-source communities operating within it.

With an explorative approach, our initiatives address the unique needs of our community of over 9,000+ ML researchers, professionals, entrepreneurs and engineers. Intended to empower its members and propel productionized ML. Our community gatherings and events attempt to re-imagining what it means to have a connected community; offering support, growth, inclusion for all participants.

The event is finished.


Jun 14 - 17 2021


9:00 am - 6:00 pm

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