Music and advertising: The Future of Content Creation and the Metaverse (hosted by Digital Catapult)

Join us on 23rd November to explore the next generation of production technologies and how they are building towards the metaverse.



Digital Catapult invites the music and advertising industries to attend our Music and advertising:

The future of content creation and the metaverse event on 23rd November to explore the next generation of production technologies, how they are building towards the metaverse – and what that actually means over the next few years.
Listen to music and advertising industry leaders discuss cutting edge examples of visual and audio content production, and learn how they are enabling artists, venues and brands to connect with audiences in exciting new ways.

With the world being on ‘pause mode’ for the last 18 months, consumers have an ever increasing demand for ground breaking digital experiences. At the same time, technologies across the TV production and music industries are colliding with the gaming world. This convergence is enabling a range of new content experiences, ranging from virtual worlds, creator tools, 3D audio, ultra high fidelity VFX and transformative mixed reality experiences. These trends are a key part of the newest and most nebulous trend in digital media: the Metaverse.

There is still no commonly accepted definition for the metaverse, so the term remains hugely broad across many industries. This event will provide a brief insight into the metaverse purely through the lens of audio and visual content, and bring together a range of views about what it means for music and advertising consumers*. We will also show what the state of the art facilities look like, with a “show and tell” including some ground breaking work in 5G and immersive audio, and announce some upcoming initiatives for music and advertising companies to get involved in this exciting new space.

Tune in to hear to visionary creative leaders that have been experimenting, testing new ways to create and deliver game changing audio and visual experiences, and demonstrating how they can provide new ways for brands, artists and venues to connect with audiences.

Why attend:

Join this event if you want to:

Hear music and advertising industry leaders discuss the trends and the value they see in the next generation of content production technologies, and how they apply to the Metaverse

Understand the next generation of technologies, such as virtual production facilities, spatial computing and generative content creation, that are available to the music and advertising industry to produce the immersive visuals needed to power metaverse experiences

Learn how 5G is enabling the next generation of immersive audio experiences, enabling new hybrid and at home experiences that were previously impossible

Who should attend?

The event has been designed to be of interest to those who work in the following:

Live music venues

Music studios and producers

Record labels

Audio hardware and software companies

Advertising production companies

Advertising Agencies

Consumer brands who advertise in the music space

Technology companies

The event is finished.


Nov 23 2021


11:00 am - 1:00 pm

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