Narratives & Imaginations of Situated Technologies

How to Dissect Images of the Future? Narratives & Imaginations of Situated Technologies



Images of the future are a theoretical and methodological strategy used in future studies to articulate discourses, narratives, and artifacts that will come—a unit of analysis that allows the practitioners to engage with the uncertain. Visions are not just pictorial illustrations, but also discursive and metaphorical representations of possible realities. These images are epistemic and situated artifacts, also entangled technological paradigms in their components. Both, “visions of technology” and “images of the future” are central to the production of alternative possibilities to our socio-technical global crises. Nevertheless, crises like images are not equally produced, designed nor distributed.

On this session I will introduce some strategies to think with images of future and technologies, using examples of my current research on Latin American Futures. During the last two centuries, epistemic, political, and economical centers possess a hegemonical role in who and which futures are plausible, possible, and even desirable.

The demand for global futures misrepresents the diversity of realities and techniques involved in current world crises. In response, communities in the social and geographical peripheries have nurtured a series of alternative ways of future-making have emerged in the last decade, emphasizing the role of the identities, locations, histories, and values in the production of alternatives, to envision ways of being and doing that overcome, at least partially, the current crises of modernities. This session will introduce those concepts, share some examples and sources, and offer some analytical strategies for this work.
This will be the twenty-ninth of a series of HASTAC Webinars that started in 2019. In this series, HASTAC Scholars facilitate 45-minute webinars on topics ranging from Interview Prep or Blog Posting to Networking, Personal Statements, and Pedagogy Strategies for Adjuncts.

Martín (he/his) is a fifth-year Chilean Ph.D. student in Human and Social Dimensions of Science and Technology, in the School for the Future of Innovation in Society. He is passionate for empower people to navigate socio-technical systems, through the study of transdisciplinary cases, the composition of concepts and methods related to technology, for the (re)generation of socio-technical awareness. His dissertation project studies the configurations (and the lack of…) Socio-technical futures in Latin America, working under the supervision of Dr. Lindsay Smith and Dr. Lauren Keeler. He is HASTAC Scholar (2019-2021) and an ExRe2021 mentee. His doctoral research has been supported by the program Becas Chile as well as Fulbright BIO (2017-2021).

His webpage is, and in Twitter, you can find him as @mapc
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Oct 29 2021


3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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