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DEFxSoftware series continues to share ideas on growing the National Security software community at 10AM EST on December 3rd



This year, in partnership with Google, DEF is organizing a series of DEFx conferences to serve as software summits for the national security community. This series will cultivate the growing National Security software community by creating a venue to share best practices, create an advocacy platform, and bring good software to the national security community.

Join our second summit from 1000 to 1700 EST on December 3rd!

Event Itinerary

1000-1015 Welcome Remarks with Trish Martinelli

1015-1100 Panel: Recruiting and Making Technologists Is Easy; Retaining Them Is Hard with Jason Lamb (USSF), Tory Cuff (USAF), Alfred Hull (USA), Nick Sinai

1100-1145 Keynote: NSIC–why hardware matters with Tex Shenken

1145-1200 Break

1200-1245 Keynote: Mission Innovation with Fiona Murray, Dylan Brown, Nick Setterberg

1245-1330 Panel: S/W Organizational Culture and Practices with Purvi Desai (KR), Austen Bryan (P1), Angel Phaneuf (SWF), Hannah Hunt (SWF)

1330-1350 Lightning Talk Part 1 with Cody Gentry

1350-1410 Lightning Talk Part 2 with Capt. Michael Kanaan

1410-1425 Break

1425-1430 Overview of JSOFT: Write Software; Win Wars with Jim Perkins and Antonette Ho

1430-1515 Keynote: DevSecOps Tools and How They can be Better with Brittany Greenfield

1515-1600 Keynote: The Future of DoD Development with Rob Vietmeyer

1600-1645 Final Keynote: Reslience in a Remote World with Brent Hecht

Approx.1645 Closing Remarks with Richard Tippitt and Nick Setterberg

About the DEFx Format

DEFx’s are one or two-day miniature versions of our national annual conference. Often organized for a geographic region or around a certain topic, the DEFx format can combine keynotes, panels, breakout groups, and virtual networking for a holistic experience.

The event is finished.


Dec 03 2021


10:00 am - 5:00 pm

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