Natural Occlusion & Seamless Function – How Technology Can Get Us There

Few or no teeth in the mouth means loss of references for designing a natural occlusion for seamless function. Technology has Solutions!!!



Continuing on it’s decades-long legacy of introducing latest Technology and championing for relevant Education & Awareness, Pro-Art is proud to introduce it’s use of Digital Jaw Relations Recording & Face Scanning.

As the number of teeth in the patient’s mouth decreases, the magnitude of the restorative challenge to design and achieve a natural occlusion for seamless function increases. this is due to the progressive decrease in landmarks that can be used as references.

However, the combination of latest technology and newer treatment approaches allows us to solve these dilemmas by identifying the Natural Head Position (NHP) as well as the relation of the jaws to the skull (and the rest of the body) in the normal posture, via reference points including but not limited to the absolute midline and ala-tragus plane.

The concept of NHP is represented very well in this short, amusing video commercial:

Add the additional information layer of facial scanning and the amount of information that is available for case planning to assist the management of long span cases (including or not including implants) revolutionizes the way these are approached, making the restorations that much more physiologically integrated and patients, satisfied, stress-free and happy.

All this and much more will be discussed by Marco Heidel, MDT during the webinar.

Marco was born in Dippoldiswalde, Germany. He trained as dental technician in Altenberg and then completed the Master School of Dental Technology in Erfurt. He worked as a dental technician at several laboratories before attending the Zirkonzahn Ranger School conducted by Enrico Steger in 2016. Since then, he has worked at Steger dental laboratory (Zirkonzahn), Brunico, Italy as a course instructor and trainer in practical and digital dental technology in South Tyrol as well as touring worldwide. He is both an instructor for dental technicians and collaborates in R&D.

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Jun 08 2022


9:00 am - 11:00 am

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