Network of the Future –Leveraging Digital Technologies for Next-gen Network

Zinnov, a leading consulting & advisory firm in partnership with HARMAN, a global leader in providing connected solutions, is hosting an exclusive roundtable on Building Network of the Future – Leveraging Digital Technologies for Building Next-gen Networks.



The Telecom sector is on the cusp of a revolutionary new phase that threatens to challenge the traditional operating structures and business models. As enterprises and consumers warm up towards unlocking the possibilities of a high bandwidth-low latency experience, the Telecom players are leaving no stone unturned to ensure that they are well prepared to be the catalyst of this change. Upgrading existing networks and planning new networks that are flexible, scalable, and reliable have become leading priorities for Telecom companies across the globe.

Advancements in digital technologies such as Cloud, Data & Virtualization are enabling Telecom operators in planning and designing intelligent networks that drive a superior customer experience at increased efficiencies. Digital technologies are driving new innovative use cases across both revenue acceleration and cost optimization. Deep-rooted collaboration between the Telecom ecosystem of telecom equipment manufacturers, telecom operators, and system integrators is a key towards building and scaling up the network of the future that will be at the centre of driving the next era of growth for the telecom industry.

Key Discussion Areas:

How is network planning evolving as we make the shift from legacy networks to building future-proof networks?

How is the role of virtualization evolving in network planning?

There is a major shift happening towards digital and migration of maximum network operational elements to cloud is being accelerated. How will it play out in the near future?

Data and AI are large areas of focus as operators build intelligent self-healing networks and also provision for edge computing. What are the best practices for leveraging data / AI in network planning?

5G private networks are expected to be early drivers for 5G adoption. What challenges are associated with building and rolling out a 5G private network?

How should the ecosystem (Operators, Equipment manufacturers, start-ups, SIs) collaborate closely to build a network of the future?

The event is finished.


Jul 15 2021


11:00 am - 12:30 pm

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