Neuro-Science Opportunity Webinar

Dr Tang is a former A*Star Research Scientist and Neuro Scientist, founder and CEO of Neuro Code Research.



Do these things happen to you:

‚≠ź you forgot where you place your phone right before using it a few minutes ago?

‚≠ź your kids forgot to turn up for important appointments?

‚≠ź you feel tired every day, but you couldn‚Äôt fall asleep every night?

‚≠ź your kids and grandkids show signs of poor memory, can‚Äôt concentrate on studies and lack confidence, as a result, do badly in schools?

STOP the sufferings and bad results NOW!

Introducing Neuro Code Research, a company which develops technologies, programs & products based on proven neuroscience theories and experimentations, founded on12 years of research, 4 successful clinical trials, 8 international patents and 2 original music copyrights.

As you must exercise diligently to remain physically fit for your body, the same applies to ‚Äúexercising‚ÄĚ your mental faculty founded on neuroscience.

Your MENTAL FUNCTION is the MOST IMPORTANT part of your body, requiring your life-long investment, and you CAN’T afford to WAIT till the day you start forgetting my name!

Having tried many ways to reboot & revitalize your brain functions without success, just click the sign up button to understand the best available neuroscience technological advances NOW!!!

In the 90mins webinar, Dr. Tang will share with you how neuroscience technology could improve brain power, memory, sleep quality, reduce stress, and cultivate positive emotions.

He will also present opportunities for you to leverage on our technology for your success.

You could join us as a freelance Marketing Partner, to enjoy profit sharing for marketing of our programs and products.

If you are running a business with strong marketing or good products, you could exploit integration of our core technology to give your business a boost.

Please book your calendar and click¬†NOW ūüĎáūüĎáūüĎᬆto sign up for the webinar.

The event is finished.


Jun 08 2022


7:30 am - 9:00 am

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