Neurodiversity Movement in Science – UNSW Science EDI x BABSOC (student-led)

The UNSW Student-Led Inclusive Science Series aims to raise awareness on the importance of equity, diversity and inclusion in research, policy and education. The topic of this seminar is the neurodiversity movement in science. In particular, the misconceptions concerning neurodivergent individuals and how the neurodiversity movement has influenced social and research practices.



This event will be an hour-long online seminar that will feature panelists from diverse backgrounds connected through their experiences and involvement with neurodiversity at the tertiary education level. Our wonderful panelists will be sharing their insights on the Lancet article “The neurodiversity concept: is it helpful for clinicians and scientists?” and the Forbes article “From Deficit To Superpowers: Is It Ableist To Focus On Neurodivergent Strengths?”. Discussion will be focused on how the different narratives and frameworks of neurodiversity are reflected in the community and how we can create cultures and environments that better support neurodiversity in science education and research. There will also be opportunities to ask questions interspersed throughout the seminar to facilitate open and active discussion.

From this event we hope to increase awareness and understanding of neurodiversity and highlight the need for better representation and visibility of neurodiversity in science. In recognising the distinct value of neurodiversity, and initiating important conversations on how to better support students and staff with neurodiversity, we can work towards fostering an inclusive and accepting science community that is safe, accessible and encouraging of participation to all.

The event is finished.


Sep 27 2021


11:00 pm - 12:00 am

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