Next Level Immersive Training (Army Applications Laboratory)

Next-Level Immersive Training Virtual Human Integration Supporting Intelligent Tutoring/Adaptive Training (IT/AT) for Soldiers

Register for AAL’s webinar to learn about the newest Small Business Innovative Research Opportunity topic – Virtual Human Integration Supporting Intelligent Tutoring/Adaptive Training (IT/AT) for Soldiers.


Synthetic training is increasingly integral to the Army’s training models. Synthetic environments can transform what would otherwise be a single cost-prohibitive live training into infinitely replicable and scalable virtual scenarios. However, the artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms that underpin synthetic training software are still evolving.

As part of modernization efforts, the Army wants technology to enhance the synthetic training for Soldiers so that the virtual scenarios provide intelligent, adaptive, and humanlike capabilities.


We know that capabilities like these are maturing in the commercial market. That’s why Army Applications Laboratory has partnered with Army stakeholders to launch this SPARTN SBIR topic, Virtual Human Integration Supporting Intelligent Tutoring / Adaptive Training (IT/AT).

We are inviting businesses that develop synthetic training software to apply. Ultimately, the Army must be able to generate realistic and dynamic virtual or augmented reality scenarios to train the next generation of Soldiers.

This is a free webinar, but registration is required and seats are limited— so sign up today!


The event is finished.


Jun 02 2021


11:00 am - 12:00 pm

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