NFT Discussion 40 min. (non-fungible-tokens) Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin

40 Minute presentation about NFTs (non-fungible-tokens) Cryptocurrency, ethereum and bitcoin, Beeple and guest speakers.



We are a large contemporary art gallery in the Shops at Mission Viejo Next to Norstrom and the apple store. Open daily to the public from 11AM-7PM with artist receptions on the 1st Saturday of evey month 3-6PM.

(We are asking all attendees to have some basic knowledge of cryptocurrencies before the presentaiton)

Digital art is finally being recognized as “fine art” after a whoping 30 years after the first digital arts (photoshop) was created in 1991 and the public can benifit from being closest to the gallery during this presentation. The gallery is minting the NFTs.

Our Speakers today will help you understand more about NFTs inside the blockchain, cryptocurrency and bitcoin and why they are all anyone can talk about at the moment. We are going through a digital movement right now. A great visual presentation broken down with the history of art, references to the artist Beeple’s “5000 days” that sold for 69 million as an NFT. We will also go over how the public can enjoy the artist in its infansy before the mainstream buyer can own them.

Guest Speakers included and could change week by week:

Digital Artist: Shane Townley

Artist: Ehsan

Art Dealer: Bill Bradfield

And More… | IG LagunaARTgallery | | IG @shanetownley

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Dec 21 2021


9:00 pm - 9:40 pm