NFT Hack: NFT Spotlight Workshop

Join us at the fourth workshop as part of NFT Hack, spotlighting the coolest NFT projects in the space!



Join us at this special NFT Spotlight event where we will showcase the coolest projects in the NFT space right now and inspire hackers for their NFT projects.

This event is part of NFT Hack, an NFT-dedicated hackathon in partnership with Filecoin Club.
The NFT Hack is the Hack phase of Filecoin Club, a long-term programme dedicated to Filecoin.
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About Filecoin Club
The purpose of our Filecoin Educate series is to teach students about blockchain through the lens of Filecoin, in partnership with Filecoin and IPFS. Over 100+ university blockchain societies and students from all corners of the globe will be participating in this series.

Filecoin Club is a three part programme consisting of a Filecoin education series, a Filecoin-dedicated hackathon and an accelerator for the best projects. Find out more here:

About Encode Club
Encode is a worldwide developer community helping educate the next generation of talent in blockchain. We work across 150 universities, running educational events, coding academies, hackathons and accelerators. We also have a dedicated investment fund and recruitment arm. Read more here.

The event is finished.


Nov 01 2021


1:30 pm - 2:30 pm