Oil and Gas Data Science on Digital Hub™ Series

Performing Data Science on real world use cases in Oil and Gas industry leveraging Digital Hub™; an innovative data science platform




Oil & Gas Data Science Essential Skills: IoT Data X-Ray

IoT devices are used in every corner of Oil & Gas operations and generate a tremendous amount of data. Preparing this data requires advanced knowledge of high frequency data and wrangling techniques and a powerful infrastructure. In this webinar we leverage our Digital Hub Platform’s powerful cloud infrastructure to present the best practices in wrangling and cleaning high frequency sensor data.

About the Series

In this webinar series we demonstrate variety of data science techniques and industry best practices to develop solutions and generate insights for real world use cases in the Oil and Gas industry.

In these 30 minutes hands-on webinars, we walk you through end-to-end analysis for specific use cases. We leverage our platform, Digital Hub™’s capabilities and our experience in delivering successful data science projects in the Oil and Gas industry to develop the solutions.
We also make the data and notebook template available to platform users so they can practice and perform the analysis on their own data.

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Sep 21 2021


1:00 pm - 1:30 pm