Optimising Transportation; from e-Cargo Bikes to Better Buses

On the road to Net Zero, how can businesses facilitate the low emission vehicle revolution?




With support and months of input from local SMEs, Tevi has developed a freely available tool for businesses to optimise the e-vehicle charging infrastructure in Cornwall. This live webinar will demonstrate how to utilise this application.

Under the recent focus on e-bikes both locally and nationally, Tevi invites you to join us in exploring the potential of electric vehicles and active travel in decarbonising transport in Cornwall and the capacity for infrastructure change in a largely rural county.

In order to progress the decarbonisation of freight and transport, the last mile is likely to involve electric vehicles. Small towns, villages (and cities, in the case of Truro) present a series of new challenges to models that have seen success in larger urban areas but the opportunities to small businesses could be enormous. We will hear about the progress made by Zedify in solving the last mile dilemma with e-cargo bikes.

Cornwall has an aspiration to net zero emissions by 2030 (ahead of the national target of 2050). Cornwall Council recently published Climate Emergency: Cornwall’s Call for Action, which lays out the roadmap for this process, including active transport and zero carbon travel as a key driver to net zero. Rebecca Lyle, Principle Transport Officer at Cornwall Council will give us an overview of emerging policies in this area such as the Local Transport Plan which is currently being refreshed.

The presentations will conclude with the launch of Tevi’s EV Optimisation tool.

The web-based app allows users to compare the kinds of charging technology available, its costs, technical demands, and appropriateness for their enterprise site. The tool produces a summary of appropriate solutions for each user in relation to their circumstances and the growing demand of charging infrastructure.

The tool also directs users to potential funding streams, such as grants from OLEV (Office of Low Emissions Vehicles) and automatically locates nearby sites that have expressed an interest in installing infrastructure to allow businesses to share costs and optimise the charging network.

We invite you to join in a Q&A session before the close of the webinar to network with other attendees and inform Tevi of which steps forward you would like to see happen next.

The event is finished.


Feb 16 2022


5:00 am - 7:00 am