Our Crypto Conversations: A Community Discussion Forum and Live Q&A

‘Our Crypto Conversations’ is a weekly collaborative effort to learn, analyze, and profit from a new and complex financial system. (DYOR)




What is a Blockchain…

Distributed Ledger Technology…

Consensus Protocols…

Third Party Intermediaries…

Decentralized Financing…

Cryptographic Hash Functions…

Web 3 Development…?

Are you tired of being around the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology conversation, but unable to be involved with it? Are you just as confused as 97% of the global population when they hear and/or see this short list of crypto buzzwords and concepts? Does learning about such a new and technical industry fill you with doubt, skepticism, and resignations?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, join ‚ÄėOur Crypto Conversations‚Äô to learn crypto directly from the crypto community. Community members will be able to discuss crypto basics, upcoming or strong projects, software development, investments, and much more through an open forum where people can ask questions, share resources, build study groups, and whatever else organically manifest from these meetings.

Learning about, and investing in new and emerging asset classes is difficult, time intensive, frustrating, and potentially risky. The crypto economy is no different. It‚Äôs complex and nearly impossible to explain, learn, and/or comprehend in a single conversation. It‚Äôll take time, dedication, and support from other crypto enthusiasts within the community. ‚ÄėOur Crypto Conversations‚Äô will allow community members to grow as a group and learn from the community‚Äôs collective knowledge bank. Engrain Blockchain will host experts in the field who will be given 15-20 minutes to introduce the day’s topic of discussion, and then the online community can ask questions, provide further insight, and network with one another around the crypto theme. Engrain Blockchain and the ‚ÄėOur Crypto Conversations‚Äô guests even provide ‚Äėhomework assignments‚Äô that can help ‚ÄėEngrain‚Äô the concepts into each of our community members’ consciousness. We want each of our community members to be well equipped to navigate through the crypto economy.

The event is finished.


Jun 06 2022


10:00 pm - 11:00 pm

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