Overcoming Psychological Barriers to Change with Dr Samineh Shaheem

Overcoming Psychological Barriers to Change | Dean Samineh Shaheem

Before we can improve or overcome anything, we need to understand it first.




Resistance to change is no different, manifesting itself in several ways and to varying degrees. This can range from inertia and disengagement to absolute defiance. While those indicators may change across people and contexts, commonalities regarding the root causes of resistance have been identified through numerous studies, building on relevant existing literature.

These contextual and psychological barriers that come into play when confronted with change, often act as unnecessary intruders that have the potential to hinder performance, progression and adaptability, obstructing effective collaboration. Knowing, anticipating and planning around these variables allows us to challenge and more importantly, to conquer them in order to prevent far reaching transitional complications, to achieve a more objective perspective as well as greater productivity.

As we begin to emerge out of the recent wave of the pandemic and how it impacts our world, join our live session with Dr. Shaheem on Wednesday 7 July, at 17:00 GMT. Dr Shaheem will be in conversation with Saghar Kasiri, one of Persia’s Mirzakhani Scholarship panelists.

About Dr. Shaheem

Dr. Samineh I. Shaheem is the Dean of Hult International Business School’s London Graduate Programs. She is also a Professor of Organisational Behaviour and Leadership. Her research interests are in the area of identity transformation–such as expatriates and their acculturation process–as well as emotional and cultural intelligence.

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Jul 07 2021


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

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