PayCLT: Booshan Rengachari, CEO Finzly – Modernizing Payments Platforms (hosted by Caroline Fintech Hub)

PayCLT: Booshan Rengachari, CEO of Finzly and a 2020 Finnovate ‘Best in Show’ winner presents how payments platforms are changing

PayCLT is excited to welcome back Booshan Rengachari, CEO of Finzly, to walk us through how payments platform and treasury products are modernizing. He’ll give us a front-line perspective on how financial institutions are thinking about investing in new payments capabilities and where the next development opportunities lie.



Booshan founded Finzly in 2012 with the mission to create a modern banking experience. Prior to Finzly, Booshan managed International Technology at Wells Fargo. He has served on the US Faster Payment Task Force and as a Solution Proposer to the Federal Reserve Bank.

Finzly connects financial institutions with customers through a modern digital banking experience and an efficient, real-time payment services hub. Freeing financial institutions from core system limitations, Finzly’s open, cloud-based operating system for banks, BankOS, enables transformation and innovation at the speed of fintech.

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Aug 26 2021


8:00 am - 9:00 am