PETROC TALKS – Giant Leap: What next for space exploration?

PETROC TALKS: Giant leap – what next for space exploration?



The exploration of space is a huge topic! Whether you are making discoveries through the lens of a telescope, using uncrewed robotic space probes or even human spaceflight, we are making daily breakthroughs that help us learn more about the universe, our past and our future.

But, what’s next for space exploration and how can we all get involved in learning more about the sky above us?

Join our panel of experts to learn more about the opportunities that await us in the field of space exploration Рas well as some of the challenges. Find out how you can get involved, how you can hire telescopes, what to look out for in the night sky, and the role of Exmoor National Park as Europe’s first International Dark Skies reserve.

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Feb 17 2022


1:00 pm - 2:15 pm