Pivoting in the Noise: Event-Driven Architecture and Customer Responsive Systems

Come join fellow enterprise architects and learn about using event-driven architecture to build customer-responsive systems.




This is a meeting of the Minnesota Chapter of the Association of Enterprise Architects. It will begin with a short chapter meeting followed by the presentation described below.

To protect the health of our members and community, this event will be help online.

Registration will open on September 15 and will be required to attend this event. If you are registered, you will receive a link the Zoom meeting in email on Friday morning shortly before the event.


10:30 . Zoom Call Opens

10:45 . Brief AEA Meeting & Announcement

11:00 . Presentation: Pivoting in the Noise

12:00 Closing

Pivoting in the Noise: Event-Driven Architecture for Customer-Responsive Systems

Hey! Hey! Hey!

The world around us exists as a collection of events – things that happen and data points that we take in and process and decide what to do about (or NOT do about), all the time, every day. So…why shouldn’t the systems we interact with be structured in the same way?
In this session, Laine and Josh will explain event-driven architecture, and why it’s different from traditional monolith and also microservice architecture. They’ll explain the pros and cons, and go over some of the technology that’s currently out there to implement systems in this more customer-centric way.

The event is finished.


Oct 15 2021


11:30 am - 1:30 pm

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