Powering up Digital Transformation for Malaysian Public Sector (OpenGov Asia)




Malaysia’s government is dedicated to lead the country’s digital economy by fostering inclusive, high-quality growth through national digitalisation measures that are in line with the Shared Prosperity Vision 2030. MyDIGITAL was created to support these national development policies to achieve this.

The government is currently concentrating on improving public service delivery by enabling Public Sector digital technologies to expand the scope and quality of public services, as well as improving e-Government portals to become more efficient by monitoring and analysing progress.

The adoption of cloud technologies, which can play a critical role in enabling the rapid transition to remote working and scaling up Public Sector services to meet surging demand, has been accelerated thanks to the pandemic. It has forced the Public Sector to optimise IT architecture and processes and has accelerated the adoption of cloud technologies which play a critical role in enabling the rapid transition to remote working, managing technological risks and scaling up government services to meet surging demand.

In addition, the Public Sector collects performance data regularly to provide insights that can be used for future planning and decision-making. This initiative will result in a progressive Public Sector that uses pertinent citizen data to move toward more proactive and, possibly, predictive service delivery.

It is evident that transparency, accuracy and accountability will all be improved as a result of a successful Digital Transformation programme; thereby ensuring the Malaysian citizens benefit from an improved democratic process.

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Sep 22 2021


8:45 pm - 10:15 pm