‘Printfrastructure: 3D Construction Printing and the UK’s Path to Net Zero’

What is the potential future benefit of 3D construction printing in the UK, and how can it support our journey to Net Zero?




How can 3D construction printing create time savings, enhance construction safety and address future skills? What’s its future in the UK infrastructure sector? And what’s the potential to harness it as a carbon-cutting ‘tech for good’?

Join ChangeMaker 3D – a UK SME who have had early success pioneering sustainable ‘Printfrastructure’ – 3D construction printing in the UK – using robotics and materials from Dutch technology provider CyBe Construction.

They seek to answer some of these questions in an unscripted ‘fire-side’ chat with clients including HS2 and United Utilities. You’ll get to hear authentic accounts from innovation leaders and industry experts who are early adopters of this new technology. They’ll ask what can be learnt from the first UK trials, and importantly, explore the untapped potential still to be realised. They’ll also be joined by the Chair of the Global ISO committee, developing the 3D construction standards, as they ask what standardisation looks like for Printfrastructure, and how it can uphold UK regulations.

Best of all – there are absolutely no slides for this webinar. Just great and engaging discussion from people passionate about their subject.

The event is finished.


Sep 30 2021


8:30 am - 9:30 am

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