How can we help the Government’s Construction Playbook and intended Procurement Bill to deliver faster, better, greener projects?



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Procuring for Value – Free Webinar.

The Government’s Construction Playbook, the Construction Innovation Hub’s Value Toolkit and the intended Procurement Bill all aim to deliver faster, better, greener, projects.They all aim to support the construction industry in contributing to the Government’s ‘levelling up’ agenda.But how are these strategies actioned and delivered on a day to day basis? And how can the benefits be realised by professionals and companies?

This free webinar from the University of Salford and industry partners Akerlof and Rider Levett Bucknall will provide an introduction and overview of the latest construction industry strategies and innovations, and outline how companies can start to enact the practices needed and experience the benefits available.Strategies and initiatives on their own are not sufficient in themselves to deliver faster, better, greener projects.This webinar will help bridge the gap between construction industry initiatives and company practices.

Construction Playbook

This is the Government’s commercial guidance on sourcing and contracting public sector projects. The Playbook is intended to provide a template to measure and test quality and value, ensure safety and relevance, minimise environmental impacts, and maximise the positive social impact of construction projects.Value Toolkit

This will help companies shift towards a more long term values driven approach in their decision-making, and away from a purely short term focus on the lowest price.

Procurement Policy Note 05/21

PPN 05/21 sets out information and guidance for contracting authorities on the National Procurement Policy Statement and will anticipate the forthcoming Procurement Bill (trailed in the government’s green paper, Transforming public sector procurement) and how current construction procurement models and frameworks may be impacted.

The above areas are discussed and explored in this webinar, with a focus on how they can be enacted by companies and professionals to make a real and immediate positive impact. With industry leading professionals presenting the latest information and thinking regarding a shift to values based decision making, procurement practices, and the requirements of the Construction Playbook – this free webinar to suited to those who are new to these topics, and also those who want to build on their existing knowledge, as well as those wanting ideas and best practice information on developing new company policies and practices in line with the latest construction industry initiatives.

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Jul 21 2021


4:20 am - 6:30 am

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