Product Manager Pitch Battle (hosted by IBM Developer Europe)

Six Product Managers walked into a livestream…



In this first-of-a-kind session, six Product Managers present six AI-powered software in just 10 minutes each. Which piques your interest? Discover how each is designed to accelerate application development and modernization with pre-integrated data, automation, and security capabilities.

What do these six pitches have in common? Modularity, customization, plug-n-play, ease of deployment, integration and management. Manage all your deployments with a governed, protected and unified platform that delivers consistency across software tools — from the data center all the way to the edge.

Streamline digital business development and resiliency

The 2020s have ushered us all into an age of uncertainty. Rapid change in market dynamics, and business models, revealing vast disconnects between digital investments and customer needs.

Your business must adapt to these changes. To keep up, it’s time to rethink how you use technologies like the cloud, AI and automation to accelerate innovation, speed time to market and meet your evolving customer expectations.

We will explore these four key areas:

  • Automate at scale – implement intelligent workflows in your business using AI-powered automation
  • Modernize with ease – develop, deploy and consume cloud services anywhere, from any cloud
  • Predict outcomes – collect, organise and analyze data regardless of its type or where it lives
  • Protect your business – generate deeper insights into threats and risks across hybrid multicloud environments

Whether you are modernizing, integrating or extending applications; automating decisions and processes; securing your business against threats; accessing data insight from diverse sources; or predicting and shaping future outcomes. We can integrate security and automate operations, transforming how your business works, how you work, and most importantly, how you serve your customers.

Enterprise-ready, containerized, open source software solutions that provide a faster, more secure way to move core business applications to any cloud. Built on Red Hat OpenShift, Cloud Paks allow you to develop applications once and deploy them anywhere on any cloud, integrate security, and automate operations with 360-degree visibility.

Gain agility and flexibility. Accelerate AI and automation. Innovate with confidence.

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Nov 17 2021


10:00 am - 12:00 pm

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