Protecting Against Business Email Compromise & Supply Chain Impersonation

Protecting Against Business Email Compromise & Supply Chain Impersonation



In the recently published Internet Crime Report, the FBI warned the public that email fraud schemes have evolved, making Business Email Compromise (BEC) the costliest schemes against enterprises. Attackers went from spoofing or hacking the email accounts of C-levels, requesting wire payments to be sent to fraudulent locations, to compromising and impersonating vendor emails.

Among various types of email fraud, supplier invoicing fraud often accounts for the biggest financial losses due to the nature of B2B payment. Attackers now target an organization’s suppliers and vendors to launch fraud, phishing and other attacks. These indirect attacks abuse the implicit trust relationship your organization has with its suppliers. Unfortunately, most security teams don’t have visibility into who their suppliers are, let alone the risk posed by their trusted vendors.

Denis Ryan is Senior Director, Email Fraud for Proofpoint, Inc. Previously, Denis held management positions at several well-known technology companies, including Nominum (now part of Akamai), Tellabs (now Coriant), Verizon and IBM. As a sales leader of the fastest growing business unit in Proofpoint, Ryan oversaw the go-to-market sales and sales engineering strategy after the Return Path business unit acquisition. His diverse background of IT and security solutions allows Ryan to overlay the Proofpoint sales efforts in multiple verticals, most notably healthcare, as Proofpoint has ramped up this specialized team to improve email authentication practices.

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