Protecting Your Intellectual Property in the Brave New World of SaaS

Learn how to protect your intellectual property in the brave new world of software-as-a-service.



If you’re offering SaaS, then you’ve probably heard that you should protect your intellectual property (IP). But many people are still unsure of what they can protect and how.

In this presentation, we’ll walk through a brief overview of the different types of IP and then do a deep dive into how they relate to SaaS. Topics include software as patentable subject matter, design protection for GUIs, copyright in code and databases, and open source software considerations.

By demystifying IP as it relates to SaaS, you’ll be ready to make decisions on protecting your IP.


Who is this event for?


C-level executives



Advanced Manufacturing


Key Takeaways/Learnings?

Types of IP & relation to SaaS

Understand how systems, processes, sources, etc. work together

SPEAKER: Stephen Beney B.Sc. (Physics) РManaging Partner

Stephen Beney is Managing Partner with Bereskin & Parr LLP and Chair of the Executive Committee. He is the Head of the Mississauga office and leads the Medical Devices practice group.

Stephen works with clients to assess IP needs, and has helped to secure patents for a diverse array of clients, including start-ups, small- to medium-sized enterprises, major multinational companies and university researchers. Stephen has been proven valuable to his clients in securing their patent rights in diverse technologies, including: automotive; medical devices and imaging systems; electronic devices; communication systems; video and signal processing systems; mass spectrometry; solar power devices and systems; fuel cell technology; internet systems; business methods; and cleantech devices and systems. He advises on IP management and strategic planning and has prepared many patentability opinions, as well as infringement and validity opinions.

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Jun 07 2022


1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

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