Q&A: Find out all about the final eSSIF-Lab “Completing the Framework”

Join eSSIF-Lab’s live Q&A and find out everything about the current “Completing the Framework” Open Call. There’s ‚ā¨212K available!




Over the past years, the question of how we can protect our identity in the world of online has been getting more heated. The Self-Sovereign Identity paradigm stepped in with the idea itself, that everyone should be in charge of their own digital personal information, and that it is the data owner who should decide on how this data is being used and by whom.

In addition, eSSIF-Lab Framework (at GitLab) will be built upon the open-source components provided through its Infrastructure-oriented open call and the generic SSI-based services and applications (being developed with the support of the eSSIF-Lab 1st Business-oriented Programme) and the SSI domain-oriented solutions addressing real-world needs or opportunities (that will be supported by the eSSIF-Lab 2nd Business-oriented Programme).

eSSIF-Lab kicked off one last additional¬†Open Call “Completing the framework”, on the 15th of November, lasting until the 15th of January.

JOIN THE Q&A session and find out everything about the Open Call!

The event is finished.


Jan 05 2022


10:00 am - 11:00 am

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