Quantum Computer Programming Workshop: Learn how to code IBM’s Quantum Computers! (India)

Quantum Computing: Asynchronous Hands-On Workshop




Four-Week Hands-On Workshop

Practical Quantum Computing- One Month Hands-On Course

One Month access to the course content


This course is for computer scientists and faculties, data scientists and statisticians, developers, researchers, engineers and PhD students.


What you will learn from this course:

Basic notions of Quantum Mechanics

Introduction to Quantum Computing

Quantum Gates and Quantum Circuits

Quantum Computation via Python and Qiskit

Practical Quantum Algorithm Design and Construction

Advanced Quantum Algorithm Implementations via Qiskit

Learn how to use the most promising quantum algorithms

Quantum Approximation Optimization Algorithm (QAOA)

Solving real world problems in diverse industries via IBM’s quantum computers

The event is finished.


Oct 04 2021


12:30 am - 1:30 pm

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