Quantum-Inspired Drug Development (hosted by Fujitsu Intelligence Technology)

Quantum-Inspired Drug Development, sponsored by Fujitsu Intelligence Technology




This event will aim to address the following questions:

Looking at key innovation breakthroughs over the past year; how has the industry had to adapt and embrace new technologies in light of worldwide events?

How can Fujitsu’s quantum-inspired technology support accelerating resolutions to some of the challenges in the industry?

Where can quantum deliver the most values for the pharmaceutical industry?

Where can quantum-inspired technology in the pharmaceutical industry be applied to support all areas within a business to support drug discovery and design?

How to overcome security and data protection?

What’s the future of technology in the pharmaceutical industry?

Confirmed Speakers

Ellen Devereux, Digital Annealer Consultant, Fujitsu UK

Dean Prelazzi, VP, Head of Business Development and Marketing, Fujitsu Intelligence Technology

Dr. David Snelling, Program Director Artificial Intelligence, Fujitsu UK

The event is finished.


Sep 28 2021


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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