Redefining the Role of Asset Management in Cybersecurity – July

Virtual Boardroom

The asset management industry is undergoing profound changes that have only been accelerated by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Many of the changes have created trends influencing the industry, however, many of these were already in motion prior to the onset of the pandemic, but with social distancing, working from home and on-demand communication thrown into the mix, asset management companies must continue to adapt, or risk being left behind. 

This is where the line between IT and security is blurring. What was once a simple definition between keeping information safe and providing the tools necessary to get work done is no longer clear. Seemingly overnight, a foundational understanding of what devices, users, and cloud instances exist has jumped in priority for CISOs. In this new enterprise, why does asset management – once a pure IT play – matter for cybersecurity? How can both the IT and security teams benefit from asset management?



Join Axonius’ CISO, Lenny Zeltser and other senior IT and security leaders and decision makers during the 90-minute interactive boardroom as we identify why the asset management problem hasn’t yet been solved – and what to do about it as well as what approaches to asset management work and don’t work in today’s enterprise environments.

This virtual boardroom will equip you with real-life case studies and insights, enabling you to unite with your peers to openly discuss how you and your peers are redefining the role of asset management in cybersecurity. By participating you will:

– Gain insight into why so many security frameworks consider asset management to be foundational

– What can you and the wider business do to reverse current trends in cybersecurity?

– Identify what the difference is between asset management for IT and for security

– Address why associated challenges haven’t been adequately tackled

– How asset managers have proven their resilience and why now, you should review and revitalise your businesses to recover strongly and get fit for the future

– How a lack of investment in cybersecurity can have potentially disastrous effects on the wider business with the threat of breach or loss of sensitive client and employee data creating a blow to the brand and investors’ trust

– Key Takeaways: How to drive cybersecurity priorities and investments with an outcome-driven approach

The event is finished.


Jul 07 2021


10:00 am - 11:00 am

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