RegTech 3.0: A Private & Public Collaboration

2022 RegTech Innovation Summit: RegTech 3.0 – Private & Public Collaboration
“Diving Deeper in Financial Services, Wider Across Industries”



Let’s start with an uncomfortable truth. In 2021, the financial services industry amassed an eye-watering USD 5.37b of fines for AML and data breaches. And the trending data tells usbthat the numbers are continuing to grow, with fines in 2017 and 2018 USD 2.1b and USD 3.2b respectively. Frankly, this is a disgrace. If this isn’t a burning platform for change, we don’t know what is!

And it’s not just financial services. Other industries are also facing increasing regulatory scrutiny, new compliance requirements, and increasing levels of fines. The petroleum industry is worryingly leading the pack with USD 29.2b worth of penalties. And that’s just for 1 company.

What‚Äôs happening? We are now handling more data than ever. In 2020, each person created 1.7MB of data per second. That totaled 2.5 quintillion bytes each day! Compounding the mountain of data is the tsunami of new regulations ‚Äď including ESG! Once we have tackled disclosure requirements, the threat of greenwashing, striving to achieve the nirvana of one, agreed, taxonomy, net-zero, and the golden thread of governance, how will firms ensure ESG compliance? Frankly, adding more headcount, or creating more spreadsheets, is not the answer. That is why there is a need for Change with the help of Technology working in partnership with the business, to better manage risks, generate efficiencies, whilst ensuring we remain secure and with repeatable and reliable results. All this is coupled with a speed of change that is unprecedented. The answer clearly is Regulatory Technology (RegTech).

Let‚Äôs be honest, we all know the tremendous benefits to be derived from RegTech ‚Äď reducing manual documentation by 80%, 50% cut in quality control costs ‚Äď all while meeting regulatory obligations. So, RegTech enables businesses to continue efficiently and effectively, reduce costs and enhance revenues so that companies, whether private or public, survive and thrive. And it‚Äôs not just Financial Services that can benefit. We are also already starting to see traction in the pharmaceutical, energy, and healthcare industries.

But, if RegTech can achieve such impactful results, why are awareness and adoption levels still so low? That’s where the “RegTech 3.0 РPrivate & Public Collaboration“ event steps in.

Our aim is to tackle and debate and ultimately agree on actions to close the gaps by diving deeper into FS and expanding the discussion and debate more broadly ‚Äď and importantly ‚Äď into the application into other industries.

Are you curious to learn the actionable insights we can take to drive change? Then, join us, at this year’s event, where regulators, industry experts, and vendors will:

1. Discuss the uncomfortable truths of the challenges and barriers we continue to face in RegTech adoption

2. Discuss where partnerships can, and do happen, and the secrets behind those partnerships

3. Debate and agree on the meaningful actions we can take to drive the change we need and the benefits you can derive

4. Discuss how to construct the business case for RegTech -from burning platform to levers for investment

5. Showcase successful RegTech case studies that prove that transformational change isn’t just a dream. It can be a reality!

Our audience (based upon last years event)

Attendees: C-suite level: CEO, Chief Compliance Officer, Chief Operations Officer, Direct Risk Assessment, Global Head Regulatory, Market & Innovation, Managing Director, Chief Financial Officer, Operations Managers, Innovation Managers

Industries: RegTech Solution providers, Financial Services, Consulting, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Government and Investors.

What can you expect?

‚óŹ Discover the potential of RegTech beyond FSI

‚óŹ Learn how RegTech can help different industries in governance, risk, compliance

‚óŹ Get insights about actual RegTech adoption in various industries

and successful use cases.

‚óŹ Network with C-suite level professionals and industry experts


‚óŹ Engage with leaders from a diversity of industries

The event is finished.


Jun 07 - 08 2022


8:00 pm - 8:00 am

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