REIMAGINE 2021 Game of Chains – #1 Virtual Crypto & Blockchain Conference

An increasing swarm of strong 3rd generation blockchains has entered the cryptosphere, but who will reign supreme when all is said and done?



REIMAGINE 2021 v9.0: Game of Chains

Ethereum is the first major smart contract blockchain, and as such it has an incredible network effect that gives it a leading market share advantage. But though being first out of the gate has left ethereum with an important edge, it faces some important technical hurdles that have spawned an entire 3rd generation of blockchain evolution that has sought to improve where ethereum is lacking, including ethereum itself with its aspirational goals of launching 2.0. With the launch of ethereum 2.0 on the horizon, and the increasing swarm of successful 3rd generation blockchains, the question on everyone’s mind is whether ethereum 2.0 will be a successful enough transition to keep its market share, or if new contenders will steal the show.

Much of this discussion centers on the successful implementation of proof-of-stake consensus mechanisms, the elimination of high gas fees, cutting down on transaction speed, allowing for cross-chain interoperability, on-chain governance of protocol amendments, the difference between formal vs. object oriented programming languages for smart contracts, as well as the ease of use of these programming languages. Will there be an ethereum killer? If so, who will it be? If multiple, who are the contenders? What is their difference? Why does it matter? What are the goals of smart contract blockchains?

Don’t miss out on 72-hours of live content bringing together the talent, industry and infrastructure that will make 2021 a great year for crypto.

#1 Virtual Crypto & Blockchain Conference

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Jun 20 - 22 2021


6:00 pm - 6:00 pm
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