Revolution in Technology: Space Communities (hosted by The Astrobiology Ociety at University of Glasgow)

In this revolutionary talk, the architect Samer El Sayary will describe outer space habitats architecture through a set of projects.



The second event in our revolution series will be on technology, and will be presented by Samer El Sayary, an assistant professor of Architecture, researcher, and award-winning architect with a special passion for Outer space architecture!
Space communities are a more advanced form of living in outer space intended to serve as a permanent habitat. Space Communities are the communities that will follow the Artemis program (NASA’s program to return humans to the moon), after exceeding level 1 civilization per the Kardashev scale. According to anthropologists, these space communities are classified as level 3 civilizations. Samer El Sayary will discuss community-centered design through a set of projects.

The talk is open to everyone, and will take place online on the 24th of November from 4:00-5:00PM (GMT). The Zoom Meeting ID is 943 8823 1794.
We can’t wait to see you there! 🙂
* If you want to take a little sneak peak before the event, head over to Samer El Sayary’s fantastic website

The event is finished.


Nov 24 2021


11:00 am - 12:30 pm

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