Robots in Space: Automation’s role in conquering humanity’s final frontier

Interact with renowned space architect Sam Ximenes, Founder of the Wex Foundation; Principal of XArc Exploration Architechure and Astroport



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Robots will lead the way to the final frontier.

From repairing satellites in orbit to exploring places on the Moon and Mars for upcoming human colonization (and building that infrastructure before humans arrive), robots—with the assistance on earthbound humans—will assume many of the key tasks that will allow us to tap into the tremendous benefits in the space domain.

That work is already underway. Organizations and nations around the world look to the skies and neighboring celestial bodies as places to launch innovations that will make life more productive, healthier and safer on our home planet. Enhanced communications systems, boundless solar energy transmitted wirelessly as electricity back to Earth, and lunar factories and launch pads from which to build and deploy the next generation of space-faring vehicles are no longer the stuff of fiction. Those plans are already underway and Earth-based automation will play a leading role.

Renowned Space Architect Sam Ximenes—founder and principal of NASA-funded educational and research entities WEX Foundation, XArc and Astroport—will lead an overview and discussion on the exciting role that robotics are playing in the space domain—and the opportunities this provides for the countless humans that will turn these concepts into reality.

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Sep 29 2021


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

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