Rock your Supply Chain with Real-Time Visibility

Join our panel to see how your company can benefit from integrating real-time supply chain visibility technologies.



Global supply networks are becoming more complex due to many unforeseen factors. Some prevalent examples are 100% annual growth in online orders in 2021, next-day delivery becoming commonplace, and supply chain disruptions related to the pandemic. Some international market leaders have set the bar higher by offering same-day delivery. While Amazon has taken it even one step further: its Prime Now service offers delivery within 1-2 hours. What’s behind this service evolution?

From first-to-last mile delivery, maintaining transparency across all supply chain stages is a challenge, considering the number of stakeholders, components, and systems involved. This is where real-time supply chain visibility plays a significant role.

Join our webinar to get answers to the questions like these:

  • Is supply chain visibility still considered an early adoption technology?
  • How can it help shippers gain a competitive advantage in the online marketplace?
  • What is the difference between supply chain vs. fleet visibility?
  • What is the connection between supply chain visibility and customer service?
  • Which types of companies can benefit most from building real-time visibility into their supply chains?
  • Do ELD/GPS telematics suffice for achieving the necessary level of visibility?
  • How can real-time visibility help companies become more sustainable?

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Nov 11 2021


11:00 am - 12:00 pm

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