RxT: The Future of Solidarity and Technology (hosted by Rights x Tech)

Rights x Tech is a forum and community that explicitly explores the intersections of technology and power.




Rights x Tech is a space is for leaders in technology, movement and philanthropy who understand the importance of hearing from practitioners and leaders who understand how tech is touching all of our lives. We host monthly forums that are focused on sourcing innovation from the innovators already among us.

Join Rights x Tech for our November forum exploring the future of solidarity and technology. We will be discussing the role technologists can play in designing for solidarity and collective movement building. How can we leverage technology to hold space for one another and our collective humanity? How can we design to enable more people to show up effectively and in different ways? 

Our featured guest speaker Neema Iyer will respond to these queries and offer some insights on the distinctive uses of technology in service of solidaristic movements. As a technologist and founder of the Kampala-based civic technology organization Pollicy, she will share her experiences navigating challenges in this space and highlight some promising practices and examples that leaders — especially technologists — can learn from. In addition to being the founder of Pollicy, she is an artist and a co-host on the Terms and Conditions podcast.

Join us by registering today! We encourage you to submit your questions for Neema or the group in advance via the registration form or by clicking here!

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Nov 17 2021


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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