School to industry: bridging the tech gender divide (Can more be done in schools to encourage young women to embrace IT as a viable and rewarding career choice?)

The Learning & Work Institute has warned that the UK is heading towards a catastrophic digital skills shortage disaster, and WorldSkills UK says that a lack of understanding and guidance about potential career paths within schools is a key reason behind the growing numbers of young people, particularly girls, shunning IT and computing GCSEs.



As one of the North’s leading IT specialist consultancies, supplying industry-leading female and male IT consultants to the UK’s top fintech and energy companies, Iridium wants to explore the barriers to technical careers through these discussions and work with schools and it’s extensive client and associate network to develop positive solutions.

You are invited to a round table discussion with educators, tech industry employers, female IT consultants and recruiters to enable each and every attendee to put knowledge before assumption in getting to the heart of the issues, addressing the above questions and exploring potential solutions.

Outcomes that work

Following the event, Iridium – which has experienced ex-teachers on its existing team – will work closely with IT educators, careers advisors and leaders within Yorkshire based schools / educational institutions, at no cost.

We will develop informed support materials, advice and strategies to help overcome the issues and enable more young, talented women to recognise the rich personal and professional benefits that are available through a career in IT.

We’re very much looking forward to discussing these topics with you:

65% of UK technology firms are struggling to recruit IT specialists, so why can’t we get more women to fill these roles?

WHY are the numbers of girls obtaining any kind of computing qualification at school continuing to decline?

ARE teachers equipped to convey the full lifestyle and emotional benefits of a career in IT – like they would, for example, a career in medicine or healthcare?

DO you think schools are the best place to teach & learn IT schools, or do we need to think differently?

The event is finished.


Jul 08 2021


10:30 am - 11:45 am

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