Session 5: Future Planning 101-Supporting Daily and Major Life Decisions

Decisions are made on a daily basis, both big and small. Learn supports are available to make the same and other decisions in the future!



Please join us for Future Planning 101, an introduction to planning for the bright future ahead. Planning for the future is never easy and planning for right now sometimes harder. This five part series will include a person-centered approach to topics such as transition planning, employment, building community, financing the future and supporting daily and major life decisions through supported decision making and other alternatives, and guardianship. Individuals and families can learn how to plan for a bright future through the tools and resources we will provide to get you there. All individuals can benefit from future planning.

The fifth session “Future Planning 101: Supporting Daily and Major Life Decisions” Learn about decision making now and in the future. Think about how are decisions, both big and small are currently made and how will those same decisions be made in the future. You will learn about what type of support is needed for your loved one to make their own decisions and how Supported Decision Making, alternatives to guardianship and guardianship will work for the future.

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Aug 04 2021


7:30 pm - 9:00 pm