Silicon Revolution: Transformational role of semiconductors across industry



Silicon Revolution: Transformational role of semiconductors across industry verticals

With the accelerating global digital transformation trends and the emergence of 5G, there has been a substantial increase in dependence on semiconductor solutions across industries such as automotive, consumer electronics, aerospace and defence and healthcare. Digital technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), automation, Cloud computing, etc., are enabling various use cases across Autonomous Vehicles, Smart Warehouses, Vision Picking etc., in turn driving the demand for high-performance chipsets.

To meet the increasing demand, semiconductor manufacturers are directing significant investments towards R&D in areas such as logic and memory chips, smartphone chips, automotive chips, integrated chips etc., to build more advanced displays, sensors, and embedded electronics. Several end-customers of semiconductor companies are also building silicon capabilities in-house to ensure greater control over the customised chip design requirements and supply chain.

With the existing semiconductor players increasing capacity and non-traditional enterprises ramping up capabilities, silicon technology is on the cusp of a rapid technological breakthrough

Key Discussion Areas

  • How has the Silicon industry evolved in the past few years? Which key trends are currently dominating chip design? (e.g., Adoption of RISC-V over ARM etc.)
  • How are semiconductor companies coping up the current chip shortage phenomenon? How are they re-designing their supply chain to meet the growing demand by using technologies such as blockchain etc.?
  • What are key use cases across industries that are seeing an increased demand for semiconductor chipsets?
  • What outcomes are end-customers driving by building in-house silicon capabilities?
  • Which technologies are expected to drive demand for specialised chipsets? (5G, AI, Automation, Electrification, etc)
  • How is the role of cloud evolving across chip design value chain? How have AI based EDA tools impacted the chip design industry?
  • What will the role of the larger ecosystem (Sis, start-ups, universities, etc) in catering to the increased silicon interest across industries?

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Oct 13 2021


11:00 am - 12:30 pm

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