Smart Campus: Digitalization of The Future Education

Come join us to find out more about smart campus | Collaborating with NorthBay Solutions



Smart Campus is a process that facilitates teaching and learning activities and processes that occur in carrying out university management activities. All elements related to the campus will be interconnected with each other.

Smart campus also integrates the teaching and learning process by integrating information technology so that all information dissemination will be faster and wider, making it easier for leaders to make decisions.

The purpose of this activity is to understand the concept of a smart campus and be able to apply it to the respective webinars participating institutions including staffs or students itself and also to introduce the benefits of cloud computing to accelerate the online education system, covering various aspects of learning, attendance management, research and modernize systems applications/platforms and personalize or optimize the student online administrative experience and campus life.

This webinar will be attended by two speakers from AWS Indonesia and NorthBay Solutions, AWS will explain how Cloud can accelerate digital development from the educational aspect. From NorthBay Solutions, they will explain Smart campus development consisting of Digital Transformation, Outcome Digital Transformation, Process, Tools / Technology.

The event is finished.


Dec 13 2021


10:00 pm - 11:30 pm

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