Smart Systems: the future for Digital Twins

How is Digital Twin technology developing in the Infrastructure sector?



Digital Twins are complex virtual models of real-world objects that can simulate and test the performance of an asset or environment, now and in the future. Digital Twins are at the forefront of engineering science as they connect the data-rich and increasingly sensorised modern environment with the practicalities of traditional infrastructure.

Imagine a scenario where the condition and performance of a motorway bridge can be accurately predicted years ahead of any maintenance intervention – this is the future for Digital Twins. The benefits go beyond cost-saving; sophisticated Digital Twin models that are continuously updated by real-time data allow users to performance manage their assets, evaluate long-term operational costs and, ultimately, support the drive to net zero carbon by providing accurate assessments of energy and material use.

Join panellists Professor Nigel Cassidy, Professor of Geotechnical Infrastructure Engineering and Professor Iain Styles, Professor of Computer Science from the University of Birmingham and industry representatives Maks Uljanovs of Associated Architects, Paul Brodrick of Siemens and Neil Wallace of Aquaspira as they discuss how Digital Twin technology is developing in the Infrastructure sector, advances in sensor and data integration and improving critical design paths through Digital Twin simulations.

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Oct 13 2021


9:00 am - 10:00 am

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