Software defects and the Law

Dr Stephen Castell: ‘Software defects and the Law: dealing with the despair, distrust and disputes of a DISPRO, the DISaster PROject’




Dr Stephen Castell


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Dr Castell teaches his Course, Avoiding IT Disasters – the Expert Way, drawing on his 30+ years of experience as an expert witness in software contract disputes. The Course Objectives are essentially to give participants the benefit of Expert experience in identifying and avoiding IT DISaster PROjects (DISPROs), and assist in achieving

• avoidance of failure of key IT systems procurement, development, implementation

and delivery;

and thus

• better legal contracting for,

• professional quality assurance of

• improved corporate investment in,

IT projects and contracts.

In this interactive session Stephen will take participants briefly through some key points from his Avoiding IT Disasters – the Expert Way Course*, in particular illuminating on the important software material defect protocol, or test, accepted by the courts.

He will then open the floor to an interactive Q&A Session, planning to focus on looking at the legal issues with regard to systems quality from a software practitioner’s point of view – but it’s up to you. You may for example have queries concerning:

• What are your duties and responsibilities in law to customers, the general public, and other stakeholders?

• What steps can you take to ensure that you meet those responsibilities?

• What help is available?

• What can you expect to happen when mistakes are made and the inevitable software defects cause a system failure, with crashes, inadequacies, deficiencies or other serious operational faults and business consequences?

• What can be done to mitigate your risks, and potential liabilities?

* For relevant background see:

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Oct 06 2021


1:30 pm - 3:15 pm

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