Stadia’s Esports Innovation Summit // Fall 2021

Hear from industry leaders in esports & gaming on the amateur esports market, a global view from startups and leading women in esports.



The world as we’ve known it this past year has changed, and we’ve been experiencing it from our homes with our families. As we move back to the old normal, we have gotten used to watching/playing live sports with thousands of our closest friends online with millions of our friends from around the world.

For Stadia’s third Esports Innovation Summit event, we’ll continue to discuss how the esports and video gaming industries continue to evolve while listening to industry experts on what’s in store for the future.

Stadia’s Esports Innovation Summit brings together senior esports leaders to discuss the evolving nature of the industry. We will also look at why it’s still seen as the Wild West and forecast the future of the developing ecosystem.



Wim Stocks, Head of Partnerships & Commercial at Belong Gaming, will kick-off our event with a brief overview of the state of the esports industry.

Wim is a one of the most experienced individuals with success and accomplishments in the esports, gaming, and entertainment industries. Hear from Wim on the state of the current industry – what’s new, how is in the industry evolving and what should we know about now.


The event is finished.


Jul 15 2021


11:00 am - 1:30 pm

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