Stop the Madness: Adopting Modern Governance for Digital Transformation

Join us to dive into the world of modern data governance with GDM data governance expert Anna Navarette and GDM CAO Mike Lampa.



Time and again we see organizations make enormous investments to implement data governance programs. Many months, even years later, the program is not established and the leaders are frustrated because they don’t see any value generated.

It doesn’t need to be like this. With the evolution of new approaches and augmented technologies, data governance programs can now be delivered in one third of the time and for a third of the cost. Value is continuously delivered all along the way, which promotes a thriving data culture.
Please join our data governance team as we walk you through the fundamentals of a robust agile data governance program and how it can be applied to your organization.

You will learn:

For Clarification: A Modern View of Data Governance

Governance of Yore

The Benefits of Applying Lean Agile to Your Governance Process

Why a “Critical Data Elements Approach is a Game Changer

How Does a Data Catalog Catapult your Governance Program

How to Rapidly Apply Data Literacy Techniques to Empower Your Team

How to Improve Trust and Productivity for Your Teams

The Human Side of Governance

Tips on Getting Started: The Truth About Effort and Hurdles to Success

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Sep 13 2021


11:00 am - 12:30 pm

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