Synthetic Stalking and the “Real”: Deepfakes, AI and the Metaverse



In this age of acceleration the crime of stalking and cyber-stalking are inseparable. Right now the global superpowers are driving a transhuman shift to a future metaverse that will open worlds of experience, new modes of sociality and being. However, in this presentation I critically highlight how metaverse aspirations, and the transformational technologies such as artificial intelligent, synthetic media, virtual to extended reality that will power it, are empowering stalking, masking criminality and open new avenues to terrorise victims.

Dr Matt Frew is a Senior Lecturer in Enterprise and Transformational Technologies within the School of Business and Creative Industries at the University of the West of Scotland. A Future Studies social theorist, often called a ‚Äėfuturologist‚Äô, Matt specialises in how phenomenon and trends in digital, social and transformational DARQ technologies are challenging and changing how we work, learn and live.

Matt’s work focuses on how this age of accelerating techno-culture is revolutionising the structuring relations of space, time and our embodied condition. We are living in an unprecedented time where technological integration produces the conditions for extended reality enabling us to place shift, engage in immersive multi-sensory experiences that accelerate a trans-human shift where we will re-live, re-shaping or re-create the self.

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Feb 16 2022


11:30 am - 1:30 pm