Tackling the Mental Health Stigma to Support Our Customers & Employees

How can you encourage an open and safe dialogue to support your people and address their mental wellness needs?




Now more than ever mental health and well-being has been thrust in the spotlight thanks to the COVID pandemic and the competitive demands placed on our daily work and life demands. Businesses need to address mental health stigmas to prevent employee burnout and to keep customers engaged by promoting the right level of corporate sustainability.

In our interactive webinar Naluri, a Malaysia start-up that combines behaviour science, data science, and digital design to make healthy lifestyle habits stick; and Thoughtfull, a Singapore start-up that provides digital mental health coaching will share key trends in workplace health and wellness, discuss with you in breakout rooms on what we can do to support ourselves, customers and employees better.

What you’ll learn:

What start-ups are disrupting right now to tackle mental health stigmas and to ensure a maximum level of well-being and productivity in the workplace.

The importance of addressing customer mental health stigmas to improve engagement and loyalty.

Takeaways from breakout sessions where the entire audience participates in what is important to them as employees and customers.

Wellbeing. Millennial. Leadership. – Why We Host This Webinar Series

Wellbeing has never been so widely discussed, especially our mental wellbeing. However, if we just talk about mental wellbeing is not enough, there are other interplaying elements namely physical, workplace (social and community wellbeing in a bigger sense), financial and career.

The event is finished.


Jan 04 2022


10:00 pm - 11:00 pm

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