“Talking Business in XR Innovation” – Series Hosted by Marcus Shingles

Beyond VR “Features & Functions”, this Series hosted by Marcus Shingles features special executive guest CEOs to discuss business benefit




Series Hosted by XR business and innovation expert Marcus Shingles (former CEO of XPRIZE, Bain Consulting executive, Deloitte Consulting Partner, Board of Stanford University’s Disruptive Technology & Digital Cities Program). Marcus is joined by a co-host; a young VR entrepreneur from “Exponential Destiny” –

Each monthly series features a business and strategy discussion with a CXX level executive regarding their experiences and ROI using Virtual and/or Augmented Reality.

Additional Context:

This event is part of a monthly executive discussion series that focuses on the CXX leadership agenda, while addressing how XR may and has been used to achieve their strategic business and/or social impact imperatives. This series focuses on actual implemented strategic use-cases, not “in theory” speculation, but candid reflection from executive teams – across industries – that as to what worked vs what didn’t work – reality vs the hype, and how to move this capability from a good to great ROI.

In recent years there has been a significant advancement and convergence of exponentially emerging technologies – XR (virtual reality/augmented reality), spatial web computing, LiDAR, blockchain, NFTs, artificial intelligence – that has recently resulted in the development of new capabilities related to the “Spatial Web”, also referred to as Web 3.0, which similar to the original internet, will transform how government, society, businesses, and individuals all experience and share nearly every aspect of their lives, brand, product, and service.

This is an executive discussion focused around the strategic and operational business application, use-cases, and benefits (even risks or issues) as it pertains to XR, Spatial web, and this new digital medium and collaboration channel. This discussion is intended to be less focused on “feature and functions” or IT project management, and more focused on the higher order of enterprise strategic capability building, how companies can and are pursuing an unfair advantage using XR, Spatial Web, and NFTs, as well as other CEO/CXX level strategic imperatives.

This monthly series is hosted by the “Exponential Destiny” leadership team, which includes its founder Marcus Shingles and his team of young entrepreneurs who mentor their peers from underserved and low-income communities, providing reskilling/upskilling opportunities on XR and Spatial web, while designing and delivering XR projects to organizations (from Startups to Fortune 500) in both the commercial sector and non-profit/government sector.

The event is finished.


Oct 06 2021


3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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