“Tech Talent” – Nigeria’s New Oil?

Be a part of the event held to analyze the opportunities of tech talent development & deployment in Nigeria.




Over the past 5 years, Nigeria has seen tremendous growth in the innovation and technology ecosystem. This has been driven by innovation-led startups and the plethora of self-taught tech talent. The tech ecosystem has produced two unicorns and scores of foreign investments.

As the interest in Nigerian startups grows, the interest of Nigerian Tech Talent has also seen a steady increase. Big startups have capitalized on the increased interest to build great companies outsourcing Nigerian Tech talent to foreign companies, while many more foreign companies hire and relocate many of the best tech talents in the country.

In recent times we have begun to see a new trend of foreign companies setting up developer outposts in Nigeria, examples are Microsoft, Facebook, and now TeleSoftas. This shows that there is a huge opportunity that can be amplified and begs the question – Could Tech Tallents be Nigeria’s new Oil?

The discussions will explore the TeleSoftas (European IT consulting and product engineering company) Nigerian expansion as a result of the Digital Explorers Program (an EU Funded program aimed at matching Nigerian Tech Talent to Lithuanian Companies for a 1-year traineeship), highlighting the power of deliberate activities, programs, and policies to further catalyze more opportunities for Nigerian Tech Talents and showcasing the role various stakeholders have to play to make this possible.

The event is finished.


Sep 15 2021


10:00 am - 1:00 pm

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