Tech Talk: Opportunities in Insurtech

Join this event by FWD Startup Studio to learn about how start-ups in the region have utilised deeptech to propel their businesses.



Join us on the 15th of September 2021 to explore the world of deeptech and how you can apply these technologies in your insurtech idea. The world as we know it is rapidly changing — what’s relevant now, may not be relevant tomorrow.
In this event, gain insights from industry experts and entrepreneurs on new emerging technologies and up-and-coming trends in the industry, while also learning and experiencing how they have launched these technologies successfully in their businesses. Learn how you can leverage these new technologies to solve the problems of tomorrow and how you can accelerate your ideas or businesses through the FWD Start-up Studio Pre-accelerator Programme.


Gain a deeper awareness of insurtech and deeptech in the region

First-hand engagement with insurtech enthusiasts sharing their success stories

Be inspired to explore and catalyse the insurtech scene in Malaysia

Learn how you can apply deeptech in your ideas or business

Experience the hurdles you will face as an entrepreneur in the insurtech space

This session is a joint event to both introduce participants to FWD Start-up Studio and provide awareness and problem statements in the insurtech scene. Through this talk, participants will be able to learn how they can leverage off insurtech and apply for FWD Start-up Studio’s programmes to kickstart their journey of launching a fintech or insurtech start-up in Malaysia. Interested to learn more? Join us on the 15th of September!

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About FWD Group

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Sep 15 2021


2:00 am - 4:15 am