Techne Logos and the Anthropocene (hosted by European Culture & Technology Lab)

The first annual Conference of the European University of Technology, organized by the European Culture & Technology Lab at TU Dublin



Techne logos and the (Neg) Anthropocene

Technological University Dublin welcomes you to the First Annual Conference of the European Culture and Technology Lab+ (ECT Lab+), bringing together some of the world’s leading technologists and philosophers. The conference will examine how to re-invent technology to meet the climate change challenges highlighted by COP26 and move beyond the current geological era, characterised by artificial environmental disasters.

Keynotes: Yuk Hui (City University of Hong Kong), Aphra Kerr (Maynooth University), Carl Mitcham (Colorado School of Mines)

Hosted by the European University of Technology (EUt +) at TU Dublin ECT Lab+ was conceived to consider the human impact of technology, from driverless haulage trucks to the depletion of the natural resources required to replace obsolete, but functioning technology. Joining ECT Lab+, are leading philosophers of Technology and Technologists from across Europe and internationally.

Conference Chair Professor Noel Fitzpatrick, from the TU Dublin School of Creative Arts and ECT Lab+ lead, explains the inspiration for the conference was the announcement of the Anthropocene. “Over twenty years ago, Paul Crutzen, a Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry, heralded the beginning of a new geological era – the Anthropocene – a new era where the impact of humans was so great that it has changed the very geology of our planet. The first annual conference will question how humans can rehabilitate the wealth creation traits of modern technology to avert the imminent climate disaster with new forms of economy, research and new forms of technologies.”

The event is finished.


Dec 09 - 10 2021


3:30 am - 1:00 pm

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