Technology Is Not the Answer: Why “Digital” is Not the Most Important Aspect of Your Digital Strategy



RLUK’s Digital Shift Forum

We define “digital strategy” as “a plan of action for the adoption of institutional processes and practices to support and/or transform the organisation and culture to effectively and competitively function in an increasingly digital world.” In 1975, a Kodak employee built the first digital camera. In 2012, Kodak filed for bankruptcy, having had its photographic film business disrupted by competitors invested heavily in promoting the “new” technology of digital photography. Why do large organisations (including academic institutions) fail to evolve with the times? And what is your strategy for supporting evolution and innovation in your organisation? How do you adapt to and benefit from change and new ideas? Athenaeum21 was commissioned to conduct an environmental scan of how and why digital strategies in a range of organisations succeed, and also why they ‘fail’. The answers are complex, but there are important trends worth understanding. Join us to learn how and why people, culture, leadership, and organisational alignment are arguably more important for digital transformation than data and technology.

Megan Hurst and Christine Madsen are co-founders of Athenaeum21 Consulting (A21), a human-centred strategy and technology-planning consultancy serving higher education, arts, cultural heritage, publishing and media organisations worldwide. A21 facilitates the development of forward-looking organisational visions and roadmaps to deliver excellent user experiences, increase efficiencies, and implement change. They help their clients derive greater value from their data, information, and organisational knowledge (and from the systems that support them) by consciously architecting and managing them as strategic assets.

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Jan 19 2022


9:00 am - 10:00 am

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