TechUp: Programmers are the Next Generation of Human and Digital Rights Defenders

A collaborative space uniting capacity building and social participation to build better and safer digital societies.

Programmers are the next generation of Human and Digital Rights defenders.

How do we engage them in a meaningful and effective way? How can we bring together the tech community to become the agents of change that digital societies need right now?



Join us for our monthly TechUp event to make your personal impact in technology by:

Learning new skills and where to apply them

Meet engaging and inspiring speakers

Collaborate in FOSS projects

Engage in the latest conversations in technology

Network with our global community

All within a 48 hours tech-a-thon all across the world!

Come make your impact! – Learn more about TechUp

The event is finished.


Jul 16 - 18 2021


8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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